letterpress studio

artisan printing

We are very excited to offer letterpress printing produced in-house in our print studio. Letterpress printing is an older, traditional print method dating back to the 15th Century, which offers a unique and luxurious finish for your paper goods.

We print on 100% cotton paper, ensuring a beautifully deep impression and crisp print. Our inks are mixed by hand to match your colours perfectly. Each page is hand-fed one colour and page at a time on our printing press.


the process

Our prints all start as digitised artworks which are then made into separate plastic printing plates for each colour that will be printed. Our inks are then mixed up to match your artwork and spread onto the platen to be spread evenly on the rollers which will ink your printing plate.

The printing plates are aligned and inserted onto the ‘base’ to be inked by the rollers. Each page is placed onto the press and pressed into the plate, one at a time, leaving a beautiful print and tactile impression in the paper.

the press


c. 1900’s

Introducing Preston, a 120-year old Arab platen press. He is operated by a foot treadle and prints a single colour, one hand-fed sheet at a time.